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Adhum Carter Wolde-Lule, Toby Cracknell, Andrew Cracknell and the Hillington Capital Scam

This was the original post on the Hillington Gold Investment deal that went bad. After poking around a bit over the last few weeks it is now clearer what happened and I have combined details of the original email sent by the victim with later research into a brand new post. For the most recent account of the story, read this post here.

For details on Toby Cracknell's background in fraud and dodgy business practices, read on below the line.

To read about Adhum Carter trying to pass himself off as a lord, read here.


Background to Toby Cracknell's history as a con artist

For those who don't know, Toby Cracknell, along with Joshante Amihyia and Jermaine Berry Gordon, was a ringleader of the JA Wealth scam.

JA Wealth was a company that claimed to be able to teach young people how to get rich quick trading Forex. On the JA Wealth website the three con artists claimed (falsely) to be successful entrepreneurs and seasoned traders. On their social media the JA Wealth team created an illusion that they were living a luxury lifestyle funded by FOREX trading success. They rented fast cars which they passed of as their own, posed in designer suits and made a simple pitch to their potential victims: 

If you want to live a luxury lifestyle like us, all you have to do is enroll on the JA Wealth course! We will teach you how to make trading profits just like us! In fact we "guarantee" you will make 200 pounds every day for minimal effort! The course costs 1000 quid, but you will make that back in weeks! What have you got to lose?

Of course, it takes a certain type of stupidity to fall for a crock of bullshit like that, and so JA Wealth deliberately targeted young, naive, vulnerable teenagers - often students from poor backgrounds who had just received their first installment of student loan and were feeling flush. Sadly, such youngsters signed up in their hundreds.

Many victims lost thousands of pounds to JA Wealth. They lost the initial course fee, and then, when they tried to trade FOREX they lost even more money, sometimes thousands more - discovering that FOREX trading was far from the easy route to riches they had been promised. 

Money started pouring in to the JA Wealth team from their gullible victims. Joshante Amihyia, Jermaine Berry Gordon and Toby Cracknell started making large amounts of cash - not from trading FOREX as they claimed - but from the course fees of the kids they were signing up. This money allowed the JA Wealth guys to post even more pictures on social media, showing Cracknell, Amihyia and Berry living the high life. The instagram posts showing the guys partying like celebrities simply reinforcing the original lie that they were successful traders.

The victims lost their cash, and then saw JA Wealth piss it all up the wall. 

In 2015 JA Wealth sensed the confidence trick was about to collapse and the company suddenly disappeared. None of the victims were ever compensated.

The fraud of JA Wealth, for those that do not fully appreciate it is quite simple:

- The JA Wealth founders claimed to be experienced business people. This was a lie: the ringleaders of J A Wealth had no history of business success and practically zero education.
- The JA Wealth team knowingly miss-sold the content of their product. The course was not led by an experienced and successful trader, but by a con artist who had no history of trading success.
- The JA Wealth team knowingly miss-sold the value of their product. The mantra of JA Wealth's marketing was a "guaranteed" daily profit of 200 pounds, which was an outrageous lie.

- - - - - - - - - -

Here is a taste of two of the many victim statements that were emailed to me at this blog when I exposed the scam:

Statement 1

Today i was drawn to your e-mail address and i felt that it was essential for me to forward you the screenshots as JA Wealth have been deceiving many people.
They made us believe everything we are going through (loosing money, stress, pain and all these crazy emotions) was all normal. However, having basically being pushed to depression mode, I've realised that everything i've been experiencing with JA Wealth has been nothing but a scam. 
The last 2 months i've been broke and have not been able to pay my bills, right now my line has been suspended and I'm owing EE 3 bills, and Joshante could not care less. I really don't understand how Josh sleeps at night knowing what he has done to everyone.

Statement 2

I arrived at the Canary Wharf offices and walked into a room of about 8 young men and the secretary arguing about something. After waiting for 25 minutes joshante came in and started speaking about the course he told me :
"I guarantee you will make £200 a day after the course, £1000 seems like a lot but you will make it back straight away"
Now after sitting in an office with 8 men I felt intimidated to agree and pay over the money so I reluctantly did. I wish I didn't now because as I returned the following day it was apparent from the offset that this was a shambles, scam and a course worth nothing but depression of parting with mine and my daughters life savings of £1000.

The full statements, along with many more, can be read HERE

- - - - - - - - - -

Whilst Toby continues to enjoy all the advantages of his parents' wealth, sharing social media snaps from his family holidays to the Med, his young victims (who were poor to start with) often ended up losing all their savings or going into debt. 

No-one in the Cracknell family has shown any remorse whatsoever, whilst continuing to post photographs of their foreign holidays and expensive days out. As we will see below, Andrew Cracknell was even pictured at the JA Wealth offices giving a training seminar to Toby Cracknell and the other ringleaders of the scam!

A brief summary of Toby's activities whilst working with JA Wealth are laid out below.

Toby Cracknell: JA Wealth Scammer

This is Toby Cracknell (4th from left), part of the original JA Wealth "Dream Team". This photo was posted three days after JA Wealth was incorporated.

Toby had a very close working relationship with the founders of JA Wealth, being regarded as a "business partner, a brother, and a good mentor" by Jermaine, one of the three key members of the JA Wealth team:

Toby Cracknell operated as the company's marketing director and one one of the leading figures in the organisation.

Toby even posted a picture of his dad, andrew Cracknell, training the JA Wealth team before they began ripping off naive teenagers. One can just about understand why a gormless teenager would believe in a get rich quick scheme - but a grown man who claims to be a business consultant? Surely this guy knew exactly what his son and his mates were up to.

Toby , as marketing director, had a hand in devising the unethical scheme of dream-selling 995 GBP two-day Forex courses to low-income teenagers. He KNEW that the courses were being sold off the back of fraudulent claims that the JAWealth guys were a team of experienced business professionals. The reality was that Jermaine was a jobbing IT guy, Joshante temped at Selfridges, and Toby had done nothing more than be born with a silver spoon in his arse.

Lets have a look at what Toby was posting about JA Wealth in his capacity as marketing director.

Firstly we have the usual dream selling: pictures of fast cars, yachts, exotic holidays and so on. Plus, of course, the frequently tweeted obnoxious shrieks about "getting fucking rich" and stuff about "bitches" that seems to be compulsory behaviour for all JA Wealth employees.

Here we see an example of Toby inducing potential students to sign up for the JA Wealth course by claiming "ALL of our students make profit". 

As marketing director can we assume that Toby was in charge of instigating the pyramid scheme as well?

See how JA Wealth deliberately targeted teenagers. The video below shows footage from a broadcast on  Luton youth radio.

Please - watch this video. It is eye opening.

See below how JA Wealth made recordings of long standing friends expressing their "delight" at the JA Wealth trading course and posted them online as part of the charade. All part of the illusion that JA Wealth created to help sell their fake course to naive teenagers.

All the time, JA Wealth were seling themselves as a private equity firm! Either a demonstration of their financial illiteracy, or more cynically in an attempt to sound more sophisticated to the uneducated teenagers they were trying to dupe.

Taken from Jermaine Gordon-Berry's Facebook page

Taken from Joshante Amihyia's LinkedIn profile
 As previously stated , what in my view makes Toby's actions even worse is that (like Jermaine Berry-Gordon) he comes from a wealthy family. Despite ample opportunity to make a legitimate living he instead turned to exploiting young, uneducated people to make a quick buck. The stream of pictures posted to twitter and Instagram showing Toby blowing other people's money on suits, shoes and rented Rolexes confirms that in addition to being a petty shyster, he is also a painfully crass, self-obsessed narcissist - and I hope it is these traits that catch the attention of any potential employer or business partners in the future.


Amusingly, after six month of scamming, Toby fell out with his partners in crime. There were accusations of stealing from both sides, and they ended up scrapping for kids to "teach". Whilst claiming they were teaching as a public good, to help poor vulnerable people, behind the scenes they were fighting each other for clients and the money they could squeeze out of each victim. Read the following emails below from someone who expressed an interest in studying at JA Wealth:


The jermaine dude or whatever his name is logged on to tobys email and saw my email to him and tried to get me to learn with him saying that toby is no longer with the company. Then i think toby still had the details for his jawealth account because a couple of days later he emailed me back and i said to him that jermaine has told me you no longer work there it is confusing you both contacting me. Toby asked for my number and called me and said on the phone that i should not listen to jermaine, i should trade with him ja wealth doesn't do much blah blah then i said ill get back to him soon then he asked if i was ready to pay today?! I said to him i just said ill get back to you, how will i pay for something that i haven't agreed to yet. 

I never wanted to trade with them, i just wanted to know how it worked because their instagram was just so ghetto and embarassing with all the glassy things. Here are their emails to me, Tobi even hacked in to jawealth email after he left them and tried to get me to trade with the new company he set up lol. I called him up and within 5 mins of the phone call he asked if i was ready to pay, i found it very funny how fast he asked for payment. He then later went on to say that the course he teaches gives you more information, its longer (3 days i think) and more cheap.
Keep up what your doing because its very sad what these guys are doing.


Now see this email from JermaineBerry Gordon, Toby's erstwhile colleage,  to the same potential client!


Good Morning xxxxxxxx,

I noticed you emailed my colleague Toby in regards to the course. Unfortunately Toby no longer works for the company but I’ll happily give you a brief explanation about the course.

We provide a two day intensive course showing students how simple it is to trade in the foreign exchange market & make a profit.

The course is £1,000... I know you're thinking that's a lot if money BUT look at it as an investment in yourself. After you're knowledgable enough & confident that £1,000 will bring you £5,000 maybe even more! Most of our students earn £200 a day minimum!

We set you up on a Demo Account for the time you’re here & when you leave you’ll continue to use the account to better yourself.

During the time you’re practicing at home we’ll be monitoring you & still continue to help. You're more then welcome to come into our offices after you've completed the course for more assistance if needs be. 

Within a month of leaving you should be good enough to use a live account & earn profits of £200 a day minimum. 

Within a year we’ll be hiring some of the students that have been taught here so they can trade for us in our offices. So there’s a potential job opportunity within a year here.

If you'd even like to visit our offices for a consultation & more in depth chat you're more then welcome. 

If you need any more information please feel free to contact us.

Jermaine Berry-Gordon
Head of Sales & Marketing

And finally see this email from the client back to JA Wealth:


Hi Sham,

Thanks so much for your email, yes i do understand that it is an investment but charging people 1000 for a skill that someone has offered to teach me for free and you guys offer it for 2 days. 1000 is almost the price i paid per for my university tuition. Also a former ja wealth worker did contact me asking me to learn at his new company charging a lower price than ja wealth and i had told him i had been contacted by a member of ja wealth and he told me that a worker at your company has been stealing his clients, which i thought was not very ethical going in to a former workers email to get his clients. I have seen the flashy lifestyles that the workers at your company display on social media to "motivate" people from the ghetto and hood. But it is something that i started learning last week for free and i am happy i did my research first about how to learn it first. 


All these email transcripts were given to me directly by the person JA Wealth were trying to tap up.


JA Wealth were a bunch of predators who took as much money as they could out of the hands of vulnerable people.

Toby Cracknell then continued his career in fraud by selling dodgy investments - this time with a company he owned jointly with his father.

The lesson is clear. The Cracknell family are trash, and employing or doing business with Toby Cracknell should be avoided at all costs!

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