Friday, 10 March 2017

Adhum Carter Wolde-Lule - Fake Lord?

Adhum Carter Wolde-Lule claims to be many things.

He is the director or former director of two companies that have dissolved without filing any records, and the director of an active company that has still not filed any records after two years. [Source: Companies House]. In addition, his Linkedin account lists numerous other management positions and directorships in a raft of other companies for which it is hard to find evidence of an online presence: Iris Bespoke Ltd, Pura Logica, Natural Resource Capital, the list continues...

He seems to have registered companies at Companies House under three variations of his name and under two dates of birth. In addition he has associations with a variety of companies, such as his claim to be a marketing executive for Holland Investment Group (see here) and a partner of "Pocket Life" which claims to be a concierge service for ultra-high net worth individuals, but whose website (when I first discovered it) was riddled with spelling errors.

In short, in my opinion it is hard to pin down exactly what it is that Mr Carter does, or even who Mr Carter is:

The first Mr Carter is Adhum Wolde Lule. This Mr Carter was born in January 1995 and was a director of Hillington Capital in 2014. This is the company that was also run by Toby and Andrew Cracknell and disappeared in 2015 after taking thousands of pounds from investors and losing/stealing it (depending on who you believe). Read more here.

The second Mr Carter is Mr Adhum Carter Wolde-Lule. This Mr Carter was also born in January 1995 and was the director of Hillington Capital (again) and is the current director of ACAW Consulting Limited. Acaw has not filed any accounts in over two years, and seems to be in the process of being dissolved.

The following is a description of ACAW's activities taken from Adhum's Linkedin account.

Adhum's third identity is the fabulously suave "Lord Adhum Wolde-Lule" who appears to have been the director of CP Commodities.

Note that this aristocratic Carter replicant seems to be a year older than the real Mr Carter, according to the data submitted to Companies House.

Let us be quite clear, Adhum Carter may be the beneficiary of inherited wealth , but he is most definitely not the inheritor of a British aristocratic title!

Why would he assume a fake title on his company's official documents? Well, the company is long dissolved, so it will be hard to produce concrete evidence. Nevertheless, as a businessman with interests in the UK, Dubai and further afield, passing himself off as a lord would certainly be a good way to create the illusion of the "high class gentleman". An aristocratic title is the sort of thing that carries an even bigger punch in business circles in the socially conservative Arab Emirates - falsely assuming the role of a British aristocrat can open doors and give ones business interests a boost. Obviously, misrepresentation in order to win confidence would be an act of fraud, and it is illegal to register false data with Companies House. As the company is now dissolved, sadly little action can be taken about the fake title - although it does give us a clear sign that, in my opinion, Adhum should not be trusted.

The director of one other company that I briefly investigated several years ago played the same trick. Registering the company under the name Lord Martin Tilman, Mr Tilman duped dozens of east Europeans into believing he was a well-connected English gentleman, and many of his gullible victims subsequently bought into his fraudulent art investment scheme. The company promptly disappeared a year later, taking thousands of pounds of its investors' money with it.

One thing is certain, Mr (or should we say Lord?) Adhum Carter Wolde Lule appears to be a slippery customer.

If you know Lord Wolde Lule and have any cause for concern regarding his business dealings, feel free to get in touch at veniamin.tal (at)


Mr/Lord Carter claims he did not register a company under the name Lord Adhum Wolde-Lule - which must mean that the forename Adhum and the surname Wolde-Lule are far more common than I had imagined!


Despite claiming that he "obviously" didn't found CP Commodities, Adhum Carter Wolde Lule is facebook friends with the co-founder of the company.

And so, Adhum claims to have no idea who set the company up, whilst sharing the name of one of the co-founders, and being mates with the other co-founder.

Draw your own conclusions, ladies and gentlemen.

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