Monday, 25 June 2018

Adhum Carter Wolde Lule Trying to Hide a Murky Past

This blog has upset Adhum Carter Wolde Lule.

Despite his courtly demeanour and gentlemanly manners, Adhum Carter Wolde Lule is not happy.

In early 2017, this blog published information about Adhum's apparent connection to an investment scam. In addition, we also published documents publicly available on Companies House that show Mr Carter Wolde Lule appears to have set up a company under a false aristocratic title.

Currently working for Imperial Corporate Capital, Adhum is desperate to remove the damaging information highlighted by our posts - and has already gone to some length to get our posts taken down.

Legal Threats
Last year Adhum used legal threats to attempt to pressure this blog into removing content. Despite the threats, no legal action was forthcoming (as it was obvious there was no case to answer, as the published content was true).

The first letter we received from Adhum's Solicitors, Rustem Guardian, notified us that "substantial damages" would be sought from the owners of this blog. The letter stated that our victim had entered into a business relationship with Toby Cracknell that had "nothing to do" with Adhum Carter, and that we should remove all reference to their client immediately.

Further letters threatening legal action were received from Rustem Guardian over a period of several weeks. It was repeatedly stated that Adhum Carter was "not party" to any business dealings between our victim and Toby Cracknell.

The excerpt below is from their final letter, received on 24th April last year.  Note the intimidatory tone of the letter, and the unprofessional accusation from the solicitor that we were lying ("another lie on your part"). 

A Change of Tune?

In June 2018, after a year of silence (and no legal action!), the victim unexpectedly received an offer of settlement from Rustem Guardian on behalf of Adhum Carter. The settlement offers the return of half the money the victim lost, in return for this blog removing all mention of Adhum Carter. Interestingly, this new letter states an entirely contradictory position to that expressed the previous year.

Whilst the original claim from Rustem Guardian was that Adhum Carter had nothing to do with any deal between the victim and Toby Cracknell, the very first paragraph of the new letter opens with the following line:

"We are instructed that you loaned the sum of £10,000 to Mr Toby Cracknell. Some £8,000 of that sum was subsequently invested legitimately by our client on the instruction of Mr Cracknell. The investment was speculative and unfortunately did not generate a return."

For several weeks, this blog was sent threatening letters stating that Adhum Carter had nothing to do with the victim's investment deal, But now, the very same solicitors concede unambiguously that the victim's money was given to Adhum Carter by Toby Cracknell for the purpose of investment.

All these letters were signed by Rustem Guardian.

If Rustem Guardian have lied deliberately, this is a very serious matter - and we will be investigating what action can be taken in the next few days. If solicitors deliberately lie they can be struck off by the regulatory body. If, on the other hand, the solicitors claim that they were misled by their client - this again casts Adhum Carter Wolde Lule in a very poor light.

It seems clear that to some degree Adhum Carter Wolde Lule has been dishonest: Last year Carter Wolde Lule emailed this blog, stating that he took no money from Toby Cracknell, and would not have been licensed to do so anyway!! How can this denial possibly square with the position expressed in the offer of settlement?

On request, we will happily share with solicitors our full record of correspondence with Adhum Carter.

The revelation in the admission that Adhum did after all take money from the scam artist Toby Cracknell tallies with other information highlighted by this blog, tying Carter Wolde Lule to Cracknell's activities and his scam company Hillington Capital.

Carter Wolde Lule's company, Pocket Life, even had their logo prominently displayed on the Hillington Capital website on the"Partners" page. Thus, it is difficult to believe any claim that there is no connection between Adhum Carter Wolde Lule, Toby Cracknell, and the victims of the Hillington Capital scam.

Above, you can see how Adhum Carter served as a director of Hillington Capital.

Reputational Management
Additionally, Adhum Carter is using an online reputation management consultant to try to knock our content down the google rankings. Possibly unable to find a company in the UK that was willing to help (most UK reputation management companies will not engage with clients who wish to remove evidence of fraudulent or criminal activities), Carter has, it seems, had to go all the way to India to seek the assistance of  Delhi-based "Kairos Marcom".

Kairos Marcom have helped Adhum publish two rival blogs - and - with the likely intention of drawing google search results away from this site. The Blogspot site features (surprise surprise) glowing content about Adhum Carter, and the wordpress site features a journalistic article on finance written by Adhum Carter.

In addition, Kairos Marcom recently issued the "Man with the Midas Touch" press release - which also (surprise surprise) lauds the virtues of Mr Carter Wolde Lule. The press release features some hilarious lines, including:

"With his courtly demeanour and gentlemanly manners along with a flair for problem solving, [Adhum] been regarded by his peers and associates as an invaluable asset"

I think it is fair to say that all measures taken by the increasingly desperate Mr Carter Wolde Lule have backfired.

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